Oar Set for PF7 and SE9

Sea Eagle

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The sleekly designed oar set is manufactured to be extremely durable and able to be used with kayaks and other lightweight watercraft. Each oar is made with a lightweight aluminum shaft and an ABS plastic blade. Oars have comfort grips with blade orientation that allows you to grab and go.

Oars break down into two pieces making it easy to stow them in almost any size compartment. They can be taken almost anywhere and work well for any type of rowboat, kayak, or other small watercraft. Each oar weighs only 1.5 pounds and is 60 inches long (5 feet). The oar's size and weight makes it incredibly easy to use and can allow for impressive speed with very little effort.

The AB254 offered by Sea Eagle offers guaranteed workmanship and performance for maximum efficiency. Each oar is designed to cut through the water without causing resistance making it extremely quick and versatile in terms of maneuvering and rowing.

This set of rowboat oars AB254, works with various boats we sell. Like the AB252 oar set it work well with our now discontinued model SE-6 as well as with newer models such as our Sea Eagle PackFish7™ SE-9, SE-8, and our 124 SMB.