hand pump for inflatable boats and inflatabe kayaks

Saturn High-Pressure Hand Pump


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When you need a lightweight, portable, high-pressure hand pump for an inflatable SUP, kayak, raft, catamaran, or other inflatable boat, the Saturn High-Pressure Hand Pump is a cost-effective, reliable choice. It features a large piston to inflate your boat quickly, along with an aluminum shaft for long-term durability. It offers a maximum pressure of 15 PSI, which is perfect for components like drop-stitch floors and V-keels that require the extra pressure to offer greater rigidity and strength.

The hand pump features a four-foot long hose to quickly reach every valve in your inflatable, as well as a built-in Naru valve that is compatible with Saturn Kayaks, KaBoats, Rafts, and more. With a bit of simple DIY work, the Naru valve can be removed and replaced with the valve of your choice. With its simple, robust design, the hand pump is ideal as a primary pump for your inflatable or as a cost-effective backup.