Motor Mount for 375 Fold Cat

Sea Eagle

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The Sea Eagle 375 FoldCat makes a great platform for fishing, snorkeling, swimming, or just exploring, and with an outboard engine or electric motor, your trips can be even more enjoyable. By adding the Sea Eagle Motor Mount for the 375 FoldCat, your boat can accept up to a 3 HP outboard engine or an electric trolling motor with up to 70 pounds of thrust. The Sea Eagle Motor Mount installs quickly with a set of durable threaded clamps, and it provides a stable, corrosion-resistant base for a wide variety of gasoline or electric motors.

With an outboard engine installed, the FoldCat can reach speeds of up to 10 MPH, while an electric trolling motor can power the boat up to 6 MPH maximum. With the Sea Eagle Motor Mount, you can eliminate the energy spent rowing and use it for more satisfying activities like fishing or swimming.