Locking Green Swivel Seat

Sea Eagle

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A swivel seat is great while you are fishing, cruising, or just enjoying the view, but when you are rowing, the random motion of the swivel can make the job much more demanding and difficult. Combining a comfortable, padded boat seat with a locking swivel, the Sea Eagle Locking Green Swivel Seat offers the best of both worlds. The seat features a padded cushion and backrest for greater comfort and support, and the back can fold down when not in use to provide greater maneuverability on the boat and to protect the cushions from sun damage. The swivel features a spring-loaded lock that can secure the seat in a single position, with an easily-accessed handle that allows swiveling when desired.

The seat offers plenty of room, with a width of 20 ¼ inches, a depth of 18 ½ inches, and a 14-inch tall backrest. It is a great addition to motor mount boats, fishing boats, catamarans, pontoon boats, and many other inflatables, as well as conventional craft.