VTech CS6719 review

VTech CS6719 review

The VTech CS6719 is a very simple to use and super affordable cordless phone that makes it a great option for anyone that values simplicity and ease of use.

You don’t get an answerphone or headset jack, so if either of those are deal breaker you might want to check out another handset from out best cordless phones .

While this is easy to just plug in and start using, there are customizable features like ringtones, volumes, and a directory you can add numbers to. Caller ID and intercom functionality are also really useful features that are most welcome at this price point. While it doesn’t outperform our top pick, the snappily-named Panasonic KX-TGE433B , it is cheaper and better value.

VTech CS6719: Design and build

The VTech CS6719 might be affordable and easy to use but the basics are all met here. The handset has a long form with slender finish that makes it comfortable and well balanced in the hand.

There is a big display that’s pretty clear, but could be clearer when compared to some of the competition. But for most it does the job just fine.

Below that are a selection of buttons that are of a decent size. They are clear and feature a backlight for easy use even in darker situations. Although in a power cut this won’t be of much use as there’s no backup mode to support that situation.

The base is quite large when you consider this doesn’t feature an answerphone but then that means a good strong connection over longer distances. This base also features a light which turns on when you use the phone. It has a handset locator button, ideal should you misplace the handset.

VTech CS6719: Features

The VTech CS6719 might be easy to use, basic even, but it still offers all the features you’d expect in a cordless phone. That means a 50-entry phone book directory as well as caller ID displayed if you have that available to you. You also get a 10 number redial list on the handset. 

The phone has a variety of ringtones and also allows you to use it with other handsets with up to five added to the one base station. These can be used as an intercom, communicating between handsets directly.

The handset features a full duplex speakerphone which allows you to speak and hear the other side simultaneously. This is designed to create a more in-the-room style experience on the call.

VTech CS6719: Performance

The VTech CS6719 is one of the easiest phones to get started with as a plug in and go unit. The buttons are easy to see and press allowing you to quickly navigate the simple and clear menu system. 

In use the phone works well with a speakerphone that’s both loud and clear. This also is useful when utilizing the intercom system with the other phones in the property. And that button to help you find a phone works well too with a nice loud noise emitted from the handset so you can find it.

If a phone is left off the base station it should last a good 31 hours on a charge. Then, when placed back to charge, it’ll take about seven hours to juice back up to full. Impressive numbers for a phone that’s this affordable. 

Should I buy the VTech CS6719?

The VTech CS6719 is a great choice if you want a simple to use cordless phone that won’t cost you much. It does all the basics well with intercom, battery life and speakerphone as some of the best features.

If you want an answerphone, power outage backup or a headset option then you may want to look elsewhere – the Panasonic is best for this. For the money this is a really great cordless phone, although if it doesn’t have the features you need, perhaps consider the AT&T EL52113 instead, as it’s a similar price.