Yale Assure SL YRD256 Review

Yale Assure SL YRD256 Review

Yale Real Living smart locks have keypad controls and flexible smart home integration options. The model we tested, Yale Assure SL, comes with your choice of radio modules that allow it to connect to a smart home system: HomeKit, ZigBee and Z-Wave. We reviewed the Yale Assure Lock SL with Z-Wave separately, and it’s a great option for those who want a lock only model. The lock has a firm focus on security and convenience but lacks a few features common to other smart locks. This smart lock’s voice-guided setup is very helpful and easy to understand, making it one of the best smart locks you can buy.

This is an excellent smart lock in terms of how much it can enhance your home’s security. It has a Grade 2 ANSI/BHMA rating, which offers similar protection to most smart deadbolts on the market. A built-in siren sounds when someone tries to pry your lock off from the outside, which is rare among smart locks we tested.

As with other keyless smart locks, such as the Kwikset Obsidian and Nest x Yale , the Assure SL has a built-in touchscreen keypad but doesn’t use any kind of physical key. This gives the lock a unique look with the kind of elegance you won’t find in other types of deadbolts. While the lack of a key might be inconvenient if the battery dies, you can connect a 9-volt battery under the keypad to power the lock long enough to get in your home.

Since the lock has a keypad, you can program guest codes and send them via email or text message. You can also activate the lock’s auto-lock feature, which engages the deadbolt 30 seconds after it unlocks, though you can increase the delay up to two minutes if necessary. This digital door lock doesn’t have an auto-unlock function. Even though the lock requires a smart hub to activate many of its features, it’s very easy to use without one.

Each of the three available smart home radio modules has a specific use, though you can only use one module in the lock. The HomeKit module allows you to control and program the lock with the Apple Home app on iOS devices. In general, Z-Wave and ZigBee modules are compatible with most smart hubs. Zigbee is also used to connect the lock to an Amazon Key Edition of the Amazon Cloud Cam. Amazon Key monitors your door from the inside and lets you set up unattended deliveries from Amazon.

Regardless of which smart home module you choose, this is the best way to access the lock’s most useful features, including remote access, mobile app functionality, enhanced guest access, video doorbell compatibility and tracking the lock’s activity.

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The lock comes in three finishes to match to your door and doorknob: satin nickel, polished brass and oil-rubbed bronze. This lock replaces your existing deadbolt and takes about 20 minutes to install. Once you install the lock and insert the batteries, the system talks you through the setup process with voice prompts that tell you how to add key codes, change lock volume and activate advanced settings. An average one-year warranty protects the electronics in this smart lock, though Yale locks also have a lifetime mechanical and finish warranty.